How it sound when someone inform you about their success which they got just after graduating and at the same time you are struggling to get a job? Isnt it weird? Even now some people around always put an eye on your success rate and when you won’t do good ,circumstances leads you to thinkContinue reading “An Art Of SELF ACCEPTANCE”


This topic is something of which every person is fond with. I tried to express the feelings of an average person. No Need to Escape, It’s the only life’s tape, Which need to be unfold, Before we take a hold. Escaping from life’s situation, Isn’t the only conclusion. The obstacles will come many, At sometimeContinue reading “ESCAPE”


As we all know the Covid-19 had affected a large part of the world and the hopes are only for the vaccine to come soon. Below is a poetry on the covid-19. I’m sure some would relate it definitely.Enjoy reading it… **************************** Year 2020 brings corona virus along, Who knows it will last long….. HowContinue reading “COVID-19!”


Todays topic is about the nature around us. I tried to put it simple.Hope you will enjoy reading it. **************** Nature is a blessing that’s lovable, Keep it safe as it’s vulnerable… Nature give us lots of resources, It’s beauty is jovial, Don’t let it hinge us on man-made sources, otherwise it will become soonContinue reading “NATURE”


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Not only a poetry, a lot more…

This page is for those who looks for feelings or emotions in words. Here i will post some simple poetries , articles, or stories which you can definitely correlate with your life at some point of time.

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